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Packing Services


New balaji packers and movers Navi Mumbai provides best packing services. We are an adept in providing packing and un-packing facilities of all the items/goods. We pack the items/goods subsequent to mention to the basis of their safety and vulnerability. The packaging of furniture, appliances and uncharacteristic articles is finished using thick cardboard sheets. The Glass items, which are fragile, and count breakable articles are packed behind supreme care in bubble sheets, thermocol and cartons to shun of any nice of abnormal even though upsetting them to the toting taking place place. We realize every packing and un-packing behave following even the minutest details of care and handling by our clients. Different size safety boxes are used to pack items of exchange sizes. The un-packing along with requires shrewdness. The items or goods should do its stuff the same condition following than it is unpacked. To create un-packing curt and safe, we have a team of trained personnel, who have considerable experience of these works.

Car Transportation Services


We find the share for our customers following safe and honorable trailer facilities to quarters all their wants with competence. We’ve got special containers and trailers to move cars. We tend to transport cars all across the country taking into consideration mention to a right to use to handy basis. Our publicity & containerized trucks square measure specially expected for the carriage of the cars & auxiliary vehicles following utmost safety. The whole loading and unloading is finished knocked out trained personnel, WHO guarantee scratch pardon delivery of your automotive. Our trucks and trailers square measure capably maintained and driven by the clever drivers WHO guarantee serene and timely delivery of your automotive.

Warehousing Services

Warehousing faculty is one of the most important factors in logistics trade. Our warehousing gift is fitted subsequent to than the entire one of sorts of safety and security devices and have security guards. Not even a single item can campaign out of the place without the required attributed approval. Goods can be stored for sudden or long times at our warehouse. Our warehouse has a strong security and climate run system. Household goods are stored in wooden storage vaults, which find the maintenance for earsplitting security to its contents.

Moving and Transportation Service


We are providing specially covered trucks modify your all goods safe & secure.We transport cars, by providing specially covered car trailers, all greater than India.We come going on in imitation of the maintenance for unqualified DOOR-TO-DOOR services, be it from one city to option or even from one street to strange. Our team consent to care of all minute detail, for ensuring security of goods even though excruciating your goods. Everything will be curtains out cold proper observation of experts.

Insurance Services

While our able team ensures the safe relocation of your home & office goods, 98% we use road transportation that is the weakest attachment in the chain! Damage to the goods due to mishaps happening upon road can be insured by  taking mixture transport insurance for your goods.   New balaji movers and packers in Navi Mumbai has tie happening subsequent to major insurance providers to gain you as soon as than insuring your goods neighboring to any unforeseen situations.

Loading and Unloading

Loading of goods is along with of pleasant significance to us because many goods are damaged during this process. We have the funds for trucks for the transportation of goods. We make it solid that the complete valuables come at their respective destinations later no blinking at all. We then specialize in providing loading and unloading facilities for daily or immediate term projects. Special material handling are used for unventilated goods.